Tuesday, May 03, 2005

take your monthly medicine

I have been sitting on the train for the past hour or so. Completing my readings for a similar period of time. My mind distracted by the very words which require my attention. The articles are on party drugs. My mind is already begining to float with just the thought of intoxication. I love the night life, i got to boogie, preferably on the high, yeah. How long has it been since i have had a good dance, a good high? scince anzac weekend - too long to be separated from good friends.

Discoveries abound in my readings. While working through the literature, i have come up across a few facts of interest. In the short run it appears that extacy cause insomnia, headaches and irregular mood. It appears science has discovered come downs, E has shown a weak positive correlation to cognitive and memory impairment and depression in the long run. I cant help but wonder if a study of absent minded professors would show that excessive use of knowledge also leads to 'cognitive impairment'.

While i am open to the possibility of real negative side effects of E i find it alarming that the scientific community so easily panders to the present day morality. Results are printed that give no definite answers, only alarm people. Alarming people makes it a social concern. Social concerns require research. Research reinforces the moral imperitive of repressing illigitimate pleasures. it is a circuit of conservatism - building on the status quo, with more status quo. The fact that other social issues may require the research; the fact that extacy may be taken safely (in respect to a generaly unsafe society filled with pollution and chemicals); the fact that i demand the right choose my pleasure - all remain out of scope. On the brighter side of things at least E is not physically adictive.

Another interesting fact: GBH causes people to sleep for short periods (1 to 3 hours). People then awake to find themselves in a period of insomnia for the several hours. On occasion people will take more GBH to move from insomia back to sleep. People on occasion will use this technique to move 'around-the-clock'. Partying in a perpetual state of intoxication for several days straight. The little devil on my shoulder is salivating. Think crystal but without the mental giberish on the second day. It seems that the poison is the cure. GBH picks you up, GBH drops you down, over and over again. We may not be allowed gay marriage, but we can still replicate the experience on the black market. My little angel has slapped me in the face - the risk of passing out in unsafe places, the real risk of addiction (with ironically similar symptoms to alcoholism) and risk of overdosing is more than enough to keep me at bay. No GBH for davey. lets hope for a new and improved 'designer version' without the negatives to transpire in the near future.

Drug safely, look both ways before making your decision!

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Nat said...

It's called Soma... the drug with no side effects. Unfortunately fictional :(