Friday, April 29, 2005

welcome to the sock puppet manifesto

after thirty minutes of searching for an adequite - and not already taken - blog name, i too have scumed to the world of blogging. And what a wonderous thing it is! Bits of life, reports and reviews, jokes, pics, political encounters, reflections and laments. who could ask for more?

Why the sock puppet manifesto? In an age of seriously stupid politics, we need to be stupidly serious. This is my attempt to let my inner sock puppet out. After all there is a little sock puppet in us all, and possibly even two.

why start blogging? in part due to the large number of friends already blogged on, and in part to the home internet connection - which makes it easier to do stuff like this. Oh and the proverbial 'spark' is due to thé FIONA MCGREGOR responding to my latest zine (moral terrorist) with quite a congratulatory remark, without the slightest mention of the grammar and spelling mistakes littered across the pages - good huh?!