Thursday, May 26, 2005

post inquisition chill

big dance party weekend is over... three days and i am drained... think its time for a break, back to the pubs and lounge rooms of unsuspecting friends i think.

saturday 8pm - dinner at emmas, a quick feed to ease our stomachs for the night ahead. Each of us breaking off throughout the night in order to prepare our outfits. Luke was harnessed up, Jorja was tuled up, Rachel was tied up, Will was kilted up, and Emmas bo peep had run away with the sheep, so she settled on a gothed out nurse instead.

My out fit was a rehash of my sleaze apron (take a front and back polygon of material, add buckles, belts & bits of aluminium can and you got it). Together with my kick arse boots it looked good.

saturday 10:30pm - waiting for the girls to arrive, we get a first hand view of the costumes as they enter. Apparently most people chose to go with the theme of 13, proudly displaying their goose bumps for all to see.

sat-ur-sun maybe? - we partied away. Sveta played at the start in the open area. Mike Kelly also on incredibly early in the place with the pillars. Scoping the place out, Not too wide, but many twists and turns. As the night progressed i found my dancing feet. Shaking and rolling, spinning and twirling. the music tells me to drop to the floor and wait till the count of 4... 1, only the base line, 2, felling the presure rise, 3, my ass begins to find a mind of its own, 4, im gone now into the zone.

Sex with Will in the toilets - it seems that few people had realised the luxuries that the top level had to offer - quiet bar, space to dance, and a not so busy toilet.

Hey isnt that that guy from manicle, the one when we were all really trashed off our nut? hes shaking his finger at me with a smile on his face... oh yeah! thats right, guess so, wish i could remember his name.

people, faces, names, not as seamless as id like it to be... theres Will's friends, my friends, new encounters, people to whom you will only ever get that mutual glance, huddling under the huge heaters outside while getting a breath of fresh air.

sunday morning 8am, and we head back to wills palce for a shit shower and a shave. Vodka shots latter and were off again. Ive changed - for better or worse - into something more relaxed. pheonix is dark and dirty, but its too quiet to be of use. THe $10 cover must have scared people away. We decide that manicle will be a alternative. And away we go. Another half and im back up, allittle dance, a little beer and a little love - wills stayed home, but at theres other cute boys to dance with.

sunday again - sleep, work, sleep

monday 7am - emma calls appologetic - she forgot about me, 'meet me at manicle'. Will decides to go to work, draging my sorry ass out of bed - a line or too and manicle in the best bet. The pace is slower, my vision is clearer, and there is new people to meet and old ones to converse with. what fun!

monday 11am? off to new boy davids place, hes fucked, we crash, all is fun still as we relax. I get sick - sleep - work - sleep... its over. finito, zilch. thats it. gone. least till next week ;)

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Ali H said...

Happy Dance Party.
Boys here aren't as pretty as boys there. I miss the way you dance with such wild disregard for the wellbeing of people around you. And perfect rhythm.
I will have to learn to dance again when I come home.