Friday, January 26, 2007


The following is the questions as supplied by the SMH Quiz Page. The quiz will provide information on your level of fair dinkum-ness.

Just so you know Fair Dinkum is a term which generally refers to something being truthful or in good faith. The question is of course - how 'fair dinkum' is this quiz itself. Is it truly testing to see one's level of australian-ness or is it just testing your knowledge of facts relating to what some people consider australia to be? I'd take the latter to be true.

I think the best thing to do is to await the discovery of the Australian Gene - after which point we can begin a process of anal swabing the nation in order to identify among us who is truly...

er i mean a fair dinkum st(r)ailyan.

Are you fair dinkum?

1. Who was Australia's first Prime Minister?

2. Who was the chief architect of the Sydney Opera House?

3. What do we celebrate on January 26?

4. How many states are in Australia?

5. In what year did Australia become a federation?

6. Which Australian female surfer holds the most world surfing titles?
cause surfing is as australian as cronulla is

7. Who is this man? (picture of Captian Cook Suplied)

8. Who wrote Waltzing Matilda?

9. What does ANZAC stand for?

10. Which highway connects Darwin and Adelaide?

11. What animal group do echidnas belong to?

12. Where is XXXX beer brewed?

13. What year did Australia win the Americas Cup?

14. What is the 23rd word of the National Anthem?
counting is sooo australian

15. What was Sir Donald Bradman's career Test batting average?

16. Who is this woman?(picture of cathy freeman supplied)
the token indigenous question

17. What is the main ingredient in Vegemite?
because reading lables is what makes us ocker

18. How many stars are on the Australian flag?

19. Which Australian snake has the deadliest venom?

20. Which Australian has won the most gold medals at the Olympics?

Ohh.... so if thats what being ausie is, well thennnn....

are the following un-australian?

Scientific, Academic, Poetic, Artistic, Altruistic & other achievements that are not directly related to sport or politicians

Anything relating to migrant histories... or anything that might suggest that australians consider having chinese food once a week

Anything realating to indigenous Australia... because thats not 'our' australia.

Wine Drinking.

On an interesting side note - We may test an persons knowledge of what it is to be fair dinkum, the person may even pass with flying colours, but what do we do when that person - well versed in australian-isms decides to opt out & not bother to live in the australian idom?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Summer sun, had me some

At the moment im avoiding any big post untill i fix up my blog. Both in terms of looks & purpose. So in leiu of doing a seroius post - here is a picute of me & steve having some fun at palms. I think its sooo cute!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

up against love

ok, so i posted on against love last time - but considering my life is boring at the moment & this is such a great book, im posting on it again. i've finished it & it concludes with a great take on the american psyche & the whole clinton affair...

....more importantly, without giving too much away - it ends with a reference to george simmel (think 1901 sociologist who wrote one of my favorite books 'the philosophy of money' - yeah im a geek ;P) & her reflections on his thoughts about the flirtation. its such an eye opener & soo good.

she also does video too

for a review..erhm

Monday, January 15, 2007

Ms Laura

I am at page 169 of Laura Kipnis' Against Love. She writes:

"Why should the state license marriages, by the way? Don't ask, just play along because if you do, the state will show its gratitude by conferring numerous special privileges on you: there are reportedly over a thousand places in federal law where marriage confers benefits not allotted to the non-married. (And arguably why the fight for gay marriage takes up the wrong battle: rather than marriage as a prerequisite to access government privileges, shouldn't the fight be to uncouple resource distribution from marital status?)"

Kipnis is fantastic - so simply spot on. *sigh* soo cool. Shes come along way from here coarse academic writings & video works. This book is devoted to defending the over 50% divorce rate in America. Considering that adultery is the norm - after all even presidents do it, why not say bye to this 'love' thing? Against marriage, intimacy and other touts of love. thanks Laura

Saturday, January 06, 2007


soo need a new look for my blog...

100 meters of black chiffon

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

leather pup

all leathered up for lawn bowls at clovelly

cheers & beers

a pic from my work christmas party. Me and alfie share a moment.