Tuesday, May 17, 2005

out of the frying pan, into the nostalga

in the past two weeks i have writen approx 10 000 words. A literature review here, thematic analysis there, and a reflectived jounal somewhere in the middle. I always feel so drained of thought after completing assesments. My intellect has earned a well deserved come down - inquisition here i come, or hope... after hours of volly work to get my ticket, i have suddenly found myself rostered on for that night - outrage and anguish - my face is red with indignation. It seems apparent that my future rests on a phonecall tomorrow morning. Here's hoping...

on the brighter side of things i celebrated the end of the bulk of my assesments with obtaining a copy of Mylo (uber cool), hotel costes (uber chill with a slice of fun) and the disasociatives (uber dan & mac). Not being one to listen to the radio, or watch telly, i find it interesting how i fail to percieve music as 'cool' or 'in' at the moment. I am blind to the technicalities of musical taste. For me it is all immediately digested as a future nostalga - music is always a little setimental, a memeory waiting to happen. Perhaps this nostalga limits me from experiencing the new. But is there ever a new, an original? ANd if there was would we know how to interact with it? As Vivian Westwood notes, in fashion what works is the strangely familiar - seeing what we knew in a different way. What today will not be blessed (or condemned) to nostalgia tomorrow? Its a bit like asking what can escape history? Even september 11 is nostalgic - where were you on that day? Watching the reruns i'd imagine.

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