Wednesday, August 30, 2006

sorry for the delay

argh... sorry for the delay in posting - blogger now has a beta version that is linked to gmail/google, & for some reason it kept on signing me into the wrong account...

... but im here now. If i had been here sooner i would have posted on:

gay stuff, the odd boring update on life, clubbing excapades, eye candy at the gym, the importance of living an earnest life, my new facination with utube, oh - not to mention the hype around spider man 3, the horrors of having failed to update recently, the evils of mass-mediated-politico-power, wolves, a recipie for making brownies, not to mention instructions for overthrowing the capitalist state, a continued appreciation for the sleepy jackson, a note on the presses insane stance on terrorism, existential coments on the nature of sudoku, & yeah other funky stuff

all written while drinking my dry white in one hand, typing with the other, blind to the spelling mistakes but open to the idea that words mean something more than a mere shuffled mimicary of the dictonary. Words may be words, but they may just also mean something too.

Monday, August 21, 2006

The Bart Simpson Show

well, U tube is a band wagon...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


im in newcastle. i remind myself that im up here for business. A community housing confernece... but i cant seem to keep my mind on work. Im a anxious. Distraction isnt working. My computer is connected up wirelessly in the confines of a pub. The beer that i sip also offers no release.

Its as if ive forgotten something. im so desparate to remember. its as if i need something, but everything should be here. its not home sickness. i have only been here for a day...

maybe its existential - anxiety of the present self.. maybe psychoanalytical - anxiety of the impinging past. perhaps its not clinical. perhaps its justified. water. petrol. life & death. intollerable work & a dead culture that we all call our own.

i lament on the matter in absence of a cure. it is an end in itself.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dream On

I have fallen for Luke Steele, from The Sleepy Jackson... oh yeah their music is good too.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

warming up :)

so kooky is re-opening this friday. me thinks this clubbing season will have an early start, more prolonged rather than immediately intense.

Oh and as i discovered on the maquarie uni website:


The Australian climate ranges from tropical to temperate and Sydney has a temperate climate. The wettest months are March to May; the coldest month is July and the hottest months are January and February. The average rainfall is 1,200 millimetres per year. Average humidity is 62 per cent.

Summer (Dec-Feb) Max 28.5 Celsius Min 18.2 Celsius

Autumn (Mar-May) Max 22 Celsius Min 14.5 Celsius

Winter (Jun- Aug) Max 16.8 Celsius Min 8.6 Celsius

Spring (Sep- Nov) Max 21.7 Celsius Min 13.3 Celsius

Sydney has a mild climate that encourages Sydneysiders to enjoy many outdoor activities.

we are officially past the coldest month. YaY!!