Tuesday, October 25, 2005

work it out

mmm... that last post was a bit angsty in a teenage way. Remind me never to post song lyrics again.

Anyways, last week i lived up to my comitment not to drink for 5 consecutive days. I suceeded. Yes thats right the one and only puppet 'is it beer o'clock?' choose not to drink, and whats more kinda enjoyed it. Am a bit proud. I think it was high time that i pushed the reset button on my drinking habits.

My reserch project is done, yay! all thats left is a proper print up. Thanks to luke & nat for their help.

You may have noticed a link in the post, its a first 4 me. I'm teaching myself HTML. Its kinda fun, but also kinda make me feel like 'well now that i can do it so... that's it... i guess...'

1 comment:

lukely said...

yay for achieving personal goals! I'm way proud of you puppet, its been an exciting time being your friend these past few months (not that it wasn't exciting before, just more so now). I'm glad I could help with your research project and that the editing was useful. and don't feel bad about the song lyrics, those are the first ones you've posted that I've really liked, and you know how we don't agree on things like that so I say it's another great achievement!