Tuesday, October 04, 2005

unexplained bruises can be fun

In tropical climates they only have two seasons. the wet & the dry season. In the world of clubs & fun, i'd assume the weather follows a similar pattern. This passing weekend marks the end of the dry. With the Sleaze party there is a migration from our hobbles & into the wilderness. It is the first big storm for the coming torrential down pour of dance, love, clubs & drugs. It begins a monsoon of dance that will last untill mardi gras. And from the looks of it - this storm is set to leave us all drenched to the bone.

While most of the crew steered clear of Sleaze itself, there was more than enough fun on the outskirts to keep us enjoyed. Emma's birthday procedings went quite well. House parties & clubbing, dinners & pool parties, it was the first time in a while that i've sat down & really chilled out with the gang in the same room at the same time. Quiet chats & plenty of magic made the night pretty fantastic even with one or two hicups through the evening. Afterward we went ot bent bar followed by kooky. Bent bar was pretty much the usuall. Was nice to bump into Will, though a little arkward mainly cause we were both quite trashed.

Kooky was fantastic. The music went off, the boys were cute & the company was great. Spent a good deal of the time dancing with the older boys aka mark, bobbie & their cohorts. The guys created their own little dance floor between the tables & rocked to their own beat. It was nice to be around a different crowd, and of such loverly crowd at that too.

This morning i woke up after 6 hours of sleep. My first snit scince i woke on saturday. My legs were aching. I discovered bruises that i just cant explain & a lot less money than i began with. None the less, i cant wait to brave the weather again.

currently reading 'the psychopathology of everyday life' - Sigmund Freud


rapunzel.emma said...

Thank you for your comments about my birthday. I had a really nice, relaxing time (for most of it) but still stressed myself a little about whether other people were enjoying themselves or feeling neglected/not having fun, etc. It's good to get the positive feedback that I have gotten. Thanks for being there to see me into my 26th year on this this planet!

Love you always, and more fun times to be had... Don't ever be a stranger.


lukely said...

How does everyone else go out and come back with unexplained bruises? you, em, ali, the list goes on. me, i'm fine, no physical injuries and the scars all hidden on the inside.

rapunzel.emma said...

Dave: Yes, un-explained brusies do have a sexy-mysterious-american-tv-junkie-type edge to them. Don't you feel so dangerous...! Hope you had fun at the Newtown. I resent that the pain is making me boring, so I stayed home to aboid boring you all with my winging about it. Let's do coffee soon - and talk about other shit.


Luke: Honey... Scars on the inside? Bruises are internal bleeding, so technically they are inside too. Most human sadness shows itself in some form or other on our faces, in our eyes...

Internal bleeding. This is not an easy time for you, for me, for any of us. Let's stay by each other and look forward to better times.

love you both,


lukely said...

Yes Emma, you are technically correct, which, as we all know, is the best kind of correct. Bruises are internal bleeding.