Monday, July 23, 2007

stuff update

alots happened... heres a run down

this zine thing is nearly finished! hope people have liked it :)
new job starting shortly!!
seems i'll be getting my psych registry out of it too yay!
Jorja is back from the UK :)
i seem to have misplaced my ring which has made me sad
i've been getting better at dancing which has made me happy
i lost kitten, im very indifferent to it
my mental health is the best its been over these past difficult 5 months
still worried about bunny situation, but it'll sort itself out.
Brog's, Zeppo & the twins are all having birthdays - i'm soo broke!
best of all Spunkrat, my ex #1 made contact with me - were friends on Facebook now, apparently hes in Krakow in Poland for the moment.

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