Sunday, April 22, 2007

Soo Paprika, huh?!

if you haven't watched 'perfect blue' then now would be the time to do so. Its hitchcock meets anime. A depressed pop idol recives death threats from a crazed fan when she decides to become an actress in a cheap sex & violence mini-series... (i've put the japanese trailer up cause the english one sucked.)

most importantly it if by the same director who is releasing the up and coming paprika!! (as much as i love spirited away etc - this is soo much better)

oh and for those who like'd requirem for a dream - compare this to the perfect blue trailer (Darren Aronofsky owns the hollywod remake rights to PB - if it ever happens)


rapunzel.emma said...

Perfect Blue shits all over Requiem! And you know it.

Where have you been, by the way... I miss you heaps. Why won't you answer your phone, or call back or something.

Oh, well, maybe you need space, just remember, I'm always here for you in whatver way I can be, Davie.

Love ya


rapunzel.emma said...

ps - i think it might be time for another zine. would you be interested in collaborating on one?

some vague theme about bodies as texts... deleuze... tattoos as text... intertextuality... memory and nostalgia... anything...?

I saw an amazing girl speak at Somatechnics on tattoos as bookmarks. There's a hyper-text thing on her website: