Wednesday, April 26, 2006

how do you find release from the past?

here is an extract from the ministry of pain:

"How do you find relase from the past? I kept wondering [...]

The past is our "instalation," amateur stuff but with artistic pretensions. With a touch-up here and a touch-up there, here a touch, there a touch, everywhere a touch touch-touch. (Retouching is our favourite artistic device.) Each of us is a curator in his own museum. [...]

Keep your life dust free. Make occasional changes. Get rid of a thing or two. Uncover A; cover up B. Remove all spots. Keep your mouth shut. Think of your tounge as a weapon. Think one thing and say another. Use ortound expressions to obfuscate your intentions. Hide what you believe. Believe what you hide."

-Dubravka Ugresic

Interesting, but do i agree? Is this the only release from the past? & to readers at home do you agree?


Anonymous said...

I followed that once... it is very self destructive (not to mention lonely). Expecially if you get over zealous.

Michael (AKA sparkylibrarian)

rapunzel.emma said...

The first extract appears cyncial.

Tje second comes accross as sarcasm to me. Satire, to be more precise. It seems she does not advocate those practises at all.

But, as both are out of context, I can not speculate, nor analyse further.