Tuesday, August 16, 2005

leather me up!

After trying to convince myself to have a quiet weekend, i found myself desparately in need of clubbing... and so in an instant i was out on oxford, again.

After crashing at mr lukey's house on saturday night we went off to day club in the morning to celibrate manicle's birthday. there was a fantastic mix of people, not just the normal arq-aholics who appear on the monday morning but a whole range of gloss stars, divas & freaks. fun was had. the dance-like-crazy kind of fun. the pink-love-heart brand of fun. and the amazing-people type of fun.

a new friend of mine, aaron, came along. a friendly westy type, who me and luke had met at the newtown that week. at 18 he's alot more confident and together than i was at that age. even when his insecurities show. i got to know one of ms emma's friends, the compelling conversationer mr daniel, that is, before he ran off into the daylight. then while on the dance floor i bumped into steve - a kooky boy who quickly explained he had been without sleep since friday night. trashed, dazed & confused he could think of no other place to be besides dayclub.

To top things off i won a birthday door prize, a voucher for radical leather! considering i have no leather so far i am quite pleased that i can finally get something to go with my boots :D
any suggestions as what makes a good first piece of leather?

in other news i have been off the solain for about 2 weeks (its an anti psychotic) and all is good, with nothing major resulting. because most of my symptoms were fairly mild my psychiatirst reckons that while its recommended to stay on it for 6 months as long as i watch myself i should be cool. yay!

maybe nows a good time, while on a high, to take a relax from clubbing & focus on things like study... but considering its lukey's b.day bash this coming week i think i'll have to stay in the ruckus a little longer. ah the hard life *smirk*


lukely said...

yay for you! yay for me! yay for Daniel! yay for Aaron!

Hey Puppet, I had a really great time this weekend, even though I was shitty on saturday night. Thanks for hanging with me, I had more than stupendous wonderful fun!

And next weekend is the Festival of Lukely, we'll go out with a bang then rest up for summer, ok?

rapunzel.emma said...

well, rest up for spring, that is.

festival of emma 1-4th October.

be there.


rapunzel.emma said...

congrats on the meds. i had been meaning to ask you how that was all going.


Ali H said...

Hey Puppet,
I think you should get a bulldog-style harness. It could look really cute with both the butched-up outfits and the miniskirts- versatile, dykey, and classic.
That's what I think, anyway.
Love Ali

Go With The Flow said...

im like sooooo not a westie.....

anywho,mwa to you my dear friend, and smile...it will make you look hot.

puppet said...

whats a bulldog style harness? im serching the net but it aint making it any clearer.

mean while this between lukes & emmas birthday, is the leather pride party!

alas, it seems the idea of a quiet weekend at home is gone before it came. not a break b4 the summer comes & were back to having elaborate nights our & spending our come downs sitting in wading pools carrying umbrellas to block the sun