Wednesday, November 28, 2007

An omen for oxford st

with the rise in rental prices, gentrification, venue closure, incoming straights, violence, is this yet another sign is this another sign of the impending doom for the surry hills community... It wasnt so long i had a chat with a friend about the quickly build & poorly constructed apartments around the place...

Estract from Building Collapse threat

from the SMH Website
Edmund Tadros
November 28, 2007 - 7:38AM
The owners of Indian Chilli restaurant noticed cracks in their wall early this morning and alerted emergency services, a police spokesman said.

It is understood construction work was underway at midnight when workers heard a cracking noise. A section of the restaurant building at the rear collapsed.

The restaurant is leaning towards the building site next door of the new Surry Hills Community Centre, which is under construction and has had its foundations laid.

About a dozen shops next to the restaurant will be closed until a structural assessment is completed.

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rapunzel.emma said...

The area has been full of all of those "negative" aspects for ages. It is a myth and always was that it was a gay oasis. And i think being from the western suburbs you should realise that a gay oasis isn't necessarily the best place to live anyway.

A thought. Just a thought.

I'm becoming less and less likely to want to live on "a scene".

It's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there...

As far as thre darlinghurst an surry hills areas go, they have always been a real mix-up of conflicting forces. The scene never really belonged to "us".

Ghettoisation is not a ticket to automatic safety. We need to make the whole world safe.