Monday, January 15, 2007

Ms Laura

I am at page 169 of Laura Kipnis' Against Love. She writes:

"Why should the state license marriages, by the way? Don't ask, just play along because if you do, the state will show its gratitude by conferring numerous special privileges on you: there are reportedly over a thousand places in federal law where marriage confers benefits not allotted to the non-married. (And arguably why the fight for gay marriage takes up the wrong battle: rather than marriage as a prerequisite to access government privileges, shouldn't the fight be to uncouple resource distribution from marital status?)"

Kipnis is fantastic - so simply spot on. *sigh* soo cool. Shes come along way from here coarse academic writings & video works. This book is devoted to defending the over 50% divorce rate in America. Considering that adultery is the norm - after all even presidents do it, why not say bye to this 'love' thing? Against marriage, intimacy and other touts of love. thanks Laura

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