Friday, March 24, 2006

your regular programming has been delayed...

hey kiddo's

sorry i havent blogged in a while - have been busy... doing nothing. Just a mental break - thinking is exhausting ;) a propper entry is following shortly. (as is a new zine, gasp... shock)

To friends & bears, dykes & lovers, quite web watchers & rascally beer drinkers, and all those other people who visit this site - either to watch, link, comment or challenge:

THaNKS for visiting the sock puppet manifesto. yay!!

currently reading NO LOGO by Naomi Klien - this is a fantastic book, i can see why it was called a manifesto for the anti-WTO protesters. Its long - but even a quick skim reading is fruitfull. I suggest you skip the introduction, it lacks the passion & delicate observation that makes the book so eintersting readable :)

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lukely said...

Is that my copy of no logo you have? I can't remember if I lent it to you or aaron? You know I lost a good whitlams cd in exchange for that book, so if it is my copy of no logo could you please get it back to me soon?