Friday, January 06, 2006

Goethe sits on my finger

It was a sureal moment & a special moment.

Drinking beers with my bunny boy. Little flames fly in my stomach - it seems the butterflies have caught alight. My mind lingers, i feel faint touches of fur & see twitching noses. We're close to each other as we sit. Your ears prick up at the sound of my little unfounded fears. And so you show me how much of a fool i am. You summon all your strenght & place goethe on the tip of my finger. I return the favour, in my own little way.

The flames are doused. The buterflies can live now. In peace. With all the other creatures in the forest.

I go to sleep that night, by myself. Before i dream I take some time to Smile in the dark about the things that matter most. Laugh away the things that matter the least. Its what goethe would want.


Mark said...

hey babe,

i saw you two holding hands one day on gay st (last thursday, i think). he wears glasses right? and is as cute as a button? just like you!

i was gonna say hello but you guys looked too perfect and happy together for me to interrupt.

shame we didn't get a chance to have our dance-off on this weekend. i'm sure we'll bump into each other again soon though. i make it a habit to ask emma "is dave here?" everytime i'm at manacle. she's probably sick of me by now, lol!

markie mark

yield said...

*twitches my nose at you* :)

rapunzel.emma said...

beautiful, puppet.


ps. my phone is unbarred. The sms queen is back!

puppet said...

its nice to hold hands with someone you love, even if you aint together... i guess thats what this post is really about, goethe aside.

Its about how amazing it is to place your hand into the hand of someone reaching out for you, in whatever way it may be.