Saturday, July 09, 2005

little treasures

i pulled on a pair of jeans the other day. i had not worn them in ages. i found five dollars in the pocket. i found this small treasure on the same night that i lost another. my boy is free, i am alone. i have to smile for him even as i frown. my mind plays tricks. i imagine that i had lost that five dollars in those pants on the night that i met my boy. i imagine that my boy is some magic five dollar genie - and i have now used up all my wishes. The genie is gone. All i am left with is the original five dollars. Is it a consolation prize or a condolence note? It buys me a beer, and i drink it slowly.


Anonymous said...

you are beautiful

rapunzel.emma said...

Poetic ironies.
Tidy symbolism.
Are these aesthetic consolations - these fictions we make of our lives - satisfying? Are they masochistic? Are they better than the meaningless arbitrariness of life events.
How can we resist the mythologising of our pain? Of ourselves and others? Why would we try?
I know that you are right to watch the little things. There is comfort in little things. There is rebirth.

lou said...

what? what is happening? why is everything in sydney falling apart?
oh dears, take care.

rapunzel.emma said...

Because she's a beautiful and dangerous city - and she won't let us underestimate her.